Bug : strange movements on the robot and large rotation on the gripper

If you are experiencing one of the following problems with pally:

  • Strange movements

  • Large unexpected movements

  • Rotates a lot with the gripper

  • Collides with boxes and base / conveyor belts.

than we suggest to add the rf_blend = 0 code into the Callbacks. See example below how to add:


Video showing how to add rf_blend=0 into the Callbacks


Image showing where to add rf_blend=0 into the Callbacks


Affected Polyscope versions, so far:


  • 5.9.1

  • 5.9.3

  • 5.9.4


  • Unknown


Follow our support ticket on the UR forum

Linked issue: Motor Controller Accuracy Bug is now present again


Removing Blend will take away smooth transitions between waypoints when moving

Removing Blend from Pally could result in slower a slower palletizing


We recommend not upgrading working systems to a newer version of Polyscope at this time