Palletizing batches of partial pallets (order management)

It is possible to palletize batches of partial pallets by creating an order list in advance.

Creating orders manually

To create a list of partial pallets, select "Partial Pallet" and go to the "Order management (beta)" tab.

Enter the number of boxes to be palletized, and press the "Add to order" button. If the value exceeds the total number of boxes in a full pallet, the program will split the order into multiple pallets.

You can add as many full and/or partial pallets as needed.

The program will complete the specified pallets and then terminate. To begin with a new order, it is necessary to restart the program.

Creating orders remotely

It is possible to create orders via Pallet Manager Daemon API functions. This is especially useful in projects where the robot is controlled by a PLC or another external device.
The program can run in the following 2 operational modes:

rf_order_mode = 1: complete the orders and terminate

rf_order_mode = 2: complete the orders and wait for a new order

Note In this automated mode it is possible to create subsequent orders with different patterns. The program will proceed to the next order regardless of the pattern (and product) selected. The operators must ensure the correct boxes are provided on the conveyor before the program starts processing the order.