UR20 Cobot - Everything you need to know


Everything you need to know about the new UR20 cobot fra Universal Robots. UR20 is a collaborative robot ready to handle a high payload and be as flexible as any other cobot.

Note: Pally will be compatible with UR20. Exactly when this will happen we cannot say yet, but we will work to make it happen as quickly as possible.


UR20 is the newest robot to be launched by Universal Robots. It's the next level collaborative robot created to make automation more available to SME's all around the world.

Here we'll walk through all the facts, all the features and all the benefits of the UR20 robot. Learn everything you need to know about the collaborative robot.

UR20 facts

  • 20 kg payload

    • With up to 15 cm offset in full range of motion

  • The robot weighs 64 kg

    • The lightest cobot with this payload on the market

  • 1750mm reach

    • Palletize up to 2m euro pallet with no lifting column

  • Software will be completely updateable. Runs on Polyscope 6.

  • 65% faster

  • 700 newton in largest joints

  • Can be mounted on any surface (floor, wall, ceiling)

  • LED indicator for at-glance alerts

  • Improved and different speed in every single joint (keeps strain of the robot low)

  • Product development feedback from more than 250 UR+ certified partners

  • All safety certifications for current UR robots will continue (one new added for the US market)

What's still not known

  • Price: Universal Robots have still not announced a list price for the UR20. What they have said, is that it will be the most expensive robot in their quiver and that they will work together with their partners on finding a price that fits the market and the benefits of the UR20.

  • Delivery time: They have also not disclosed the exact delivery time yet. But they expect to be shipping in the end of Q2 in 2023 and will begin to sell the robot in the beginning of Q1 2023.

UR20 will make cobot palletizing available to more manufacturers

From our point of view, and also highlighted by Universal Robots, the UR20 cobot is perfect for palletizing. It features a higher payload at the full range of motion and a bigger reach. Both will benefit customers looking for a palletizing solution.

Pros and cons in UR20 palletizing

The payload up to 20kg, long reach and faster movements really makes the UR20 well-suited for palletizing. Below you'll learn about the pros and cons.


  • Left heavier boxes

  • More boxes per minute (a higher cycle time)

  • Increase safety (by slowing robot down)

  • Minimize need for lifting column


  • Solution will (probably) be more expensive

  • More safety requirements if run at higher speeds

Heavier boxes

The ability to palletize heavier boxes is self-explanatory. With a higher payload of the UR20 cobot it will be able to lift heavier boxes. The payload range between 10kg (and later 12.5 kg) from the UR10e (the currently most used UR cobot for palletizing) to 20kg in the the new UR20 is in high demand, which makes this robot a much needed addition to the portfolio.

Higher cycle time

The UR20 robot is 60% faster than it's predecessors (or competitors), which will allow the robot to make more cycles per minute simply by the robot moving faster.

But it can also increase cycle times for projects with lower box weight (below 10kg) as the higher payload allows the UR20 robot to utilize multipicking of boxes, which will increase the amount of boxes to be palletized in a given timeperiod.

Slowing down the robot makes a lot of sense

Another benefit of being able to multipick boxes is the ability to run the robot slower. Just because the robot is 60% faster it might now be necessary for your application to run the robot at full speed. By running the robot as slow as possible to meet demands, the solution will be safer, the strain on the robot will be lower and you will have bandwidth for future production improvements.

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