Uploading and changing patterns

Automatic upload of patterns

This checkbox is used to allow for automatic uploading of patterns from a USB-stick onto the
robot. The checkbox is not checked by default. By checking it, all JSON-files in the root folder of the most recently plugged in USB-stick will be uploaded to the patterns storage
directory folder on the robot.

Manually upload patterns from USB

This button can be used to upload patterns from a plugged in USB-stick to the patterns
storage directory on the robot. It is only possible to use this feature if the ‘Automatic upload
of patterns’ is disabled.


Selecting pattern


The first window that appears once the program is run, is the ‘Pattern Selection’-window (as
shown below).
Start a new pallet

Select product by name

Press ‘Start Program’-button

Palletize until program stop

Select the pattern that is going to be palletized in the ‘Pattern Selection’-window and press
the ‘Start Program’-button to start the palletizing process.


Changing pattern

Once the robot has palletized at least one box on a pallet, and the program is stopped then
restarted; then the ‘Continue existing pallet’-window is opened (as shown below). This
window shows the progress on the current pallet.

To change the current palletizing pattern, this is done by clicking the ‘Change Pattern’-button.


Once this button is clicked, the ‘Pattern Selection’-window is opened. Once a pattern is selected in this window and the ‘Start Program’-button is pressed, then the current palletizing process is reset and the newly chosen pattern is run.

You need to remember to have empty pallets before doing this, because Pally will begin palletizing on a empty pallet.