Continue existing pallet after program stop

Once the robot has palletized at least one box on a pallet, and the program is stopped then restarted; then the ‘Continue existing pallet’-window is opened (as shown below). This window shows the progress on the current pallet. 


Continue existing pallet

  • Press "Continue Palletizing"

  • Palletize until program stop

Continue existing pallet

There are four options to choose from in the ‘Continue Existing Pallet’-window. One can either stop the program, or simply continue palletizing the current pallet. 

Another option is to reset the current pallet, this effectively means that the palletizing will continue on an empty pallet once the ‘Continue Palletizing’-button is pressed; but it continues using the same pattern as before. Note that either the left or right pallet has to be confirmed before the palletizing will continue after the pallet has been reset. 

The final option is to change the current palletizing pattern, this is done by clicking the ‘Change Pattern’-button. Once this button is clicked, the ‘Pattern Selection’-window is opened. Once a pattern is selected in this window and the ‘Start Program’-button is pressed, then the current palletizing process is reset and the newly chosen pattern is run.