Empty pallet confirmation and current pallet status

When the operator interface type is set to "Complete", a progress indicator window appears during palletizing. The operator can confirm the left and right pallet positions and get an overview of the current palletizing status, including the name of the pattern, current layer and box position, elapsed time, estimated remaining time, average CPM and cycle time, previous pallet time, etc.

By pressing the red X icon in the pallet status area, the program stops palletizing on the current pallet, and after a new pallet confirmation it starts a new empty pallet.

The pause and stop buttons work identical to the default UR pause and stop buttons.

This view is also called “Pally Operator Panel” or “POP” for short.

Operator panel


Note: The Operator Panel disappears automatically when the robot stops with protective stop or emergency stop, and when clicking outside the operator panel window.

Reduced Operator Panel functionality without an Active Plan

Note: Detailed palletizing status view is not available without an Active plan.