Partial Pallet

Partial Pallet is a feature where you can start or stop palletizing boxes in a given number.

With Pally 3.0 or newer; it is possible to create a list of multiple full- and partial pallets (referred as orders) that the program will palletize. In Dual Product Mode, separate lists for the primary and secondary conveyor can be created.

The list of orders can be created by the operator manually on the Partial Pallet screen.

Partial Pallet have two functions:

  • Edit total boxes - Stop palletizing after given number of boxes

  • Edit start condition - Start palletizing on the given layer and box number


How to use it:

Start by selecting a pattern from the list then press the Partial Pallet button

Edit total boxes: Palletizing will stop after given number of boxes. Type in number and press save button

Edit start condition: Palletizing will start on given layer number and box number. Type in numbers and press save button