Dual Product Mode

Pally offers the possibility to Palletize two different products from two different conveyors at the same time.


Follow these steps to set up Dual Product Mode:


  1. Enable Secondary conveyor and calibrate the pickup position:


  2. Add product sensors for the second conveyor


  3. Select Dual Product in the operation mode menu under Advanced in the installations file.


You have now activated Dual Product Mode in Pally and it is ready to start palletizing. See example below on how to start palletizing different products.



  • line 1 is the primary pickup position and line 2 is the secondary pickup position. The names can also be changed in the “Pickup” tab.

  • When using a lifting column in dual product mode, the dynamic positioning option must be selected in order to ensure that the lifting column is always in the optimal position.

  • Boxes from the left conveyor goes to the left pallet. Boxes from the right conveyor goes to the right pallet

Example project:

Palletizing from two conveyors with two different products

Pattern on the right pallet: box1.json

Pattern on the left pallet: box2.json


4. Press Play on the robot and the Dual Product mode operator panel will appear. This is the pattern selector for Dual Product Mode.

Here You can select the product you want for “Line 1” you can also disable the line if it is not in use, after selecting press next.



For “Line 2” you do just the same select the pattern you are using and press start. The robot will no start palletizing in dual product mode.