Lifting Column in Dual Product Mode

The supported lifting columns in Pally’s Dual Product Mode have been extended, it is now possible to select the Custom Lifting Column when Dual Product Mode is enabled. Previously, only Ewellix and Vention lifting columns were supported in Dual Product Mode.

In practice, this means that Pally’s Dual Product Mode can now work with lifting columns that only operate in discrete stop points.

Please note that the dynamic positioning feature must be enabled for the lifting column in Dual Product Mode. Enable the “Use dynamic position“ checkbox in Pally’s installation node to do this.

Custom Lifting Column

Dynamic positioning is now also included in the Custom lifting column selection. These lifting columns will typically only have two stop points, either on the bottom or fully stretched, i.e they have a discrete set of stop points.

Pally will move between the two fixed positions throughout the palletizing to secure sufficient reach onto the pallet(s).

Custom lifting column and dynamic position selected

Natively Integrated Lifting Columns

The natively integrated lifting columns, Ewellix LIFTKIT and Vention Motion Controller, are referred to as continuous lifting columns. These lifting columns have the ability to move to any height between zero and their maximum stroke value, i.e they have a continuous set of stop points.

Pally will calculate the optimal lifting column height before each box placement, ensuring that robot has sufficient reach. If a “No Reach”-situation is detected, Pally will move the lifting column.

Pally setup with Ewellix lifting column and dynamic positioning enabled

Ewellix LIFTKIT and dynamic position selected

Pally setup with Vention lifting column and dynamic positioning enabled

Vention Motion Controller and dynamic position selected