Normal and Inverted approach

Palletizing the lower and upper layers often require different box order and path planning. In the lower layers there is a risk of collision between the robot arm and the mounting base. In the upper layers there is a limited robot reach available. To balance between these limitations, normal and inverted approach have been introduced.

Difference between normal and inverted approach. Notice the impacts on reach, collision, box order.

The option to use the Normal or Inverted approach path planning algorithm is selected in the Pallet Builder.


From the 3 dot menu on a layer select Inverted approach by having it sliding to the right.


Normal approach

This option provides the shortest path from the pick position to the pallet position. To maximize robot reach, use this option.


  • shortest path

  • best reach


  • possible collision with the mounting base

Inverted approach

This option will introduce a longer path in order to avoid collisions with the mouting base. The boxes will be moved above all other boxes on the pallet, and the approach point is further away than the actual target position. Use this option to avoid collision with the mounting base.


  • guaranteed distance to the mounting base


  • longer path

  • limited reach

  • lower CPM (you will loose approx 5-6 % cycles per minute)