Smart acceleration

When the estimated grip quality value drops below a minimum threshold, the program moves the boxes with reduced acceleration to minimize the risk of dropping boxes during transport. The parameters of this algorithm can be configured.

The program will try to choose a gripper rotation with a higher grip quality value. If the grip quality is still low, the program will reduce accelerations to avoid losing boxes. The grip quality minimum threshold is project and product-specific and provided as a tuning parameter.

Smart acceleration settings

Use this setting to control how much the robot can limit the Maximum Acceleration value when moving large and heavy boxes. Too high acceleration may result in frequent safety stops, inaccurate positioning, or dropped boxes. The following options are available:

  • Fastest: the robot uses Maximum Acceleration whenever possible

  • Fast: acceleration is limited for very large and heavy boxes on a very small gripper

  • Medium: acceleration is limited for large and heavy boxes on a small gripper

  • Slower: acceleration is limited for large or heavy boxes and/or a small gripper

  • Slowest: the most restrictive setting that reduces the acceleration significantly.

Note: if you have a very small gripper, the estimated grip quality value might be generally low. In this caase adjust the Smart acceleration to “Faster”.