Smart Grip is intelligent multi-picking. Most palletizing URCaps can do multi-picking, but it’s not intelligent. Smart Grip calculates the most efficient picking strategy to meet your palletizing requirements.


Pally Smart Grip processes specific box-, pattern- and movement information to calculate the most efficient method to pick boxes. It calculates when to pick 1, 2, 3 or more boxes and can switch between each lift. Calculations are done in milliseconds and will not affect the robot's speed (The maximal multi-grip limit is 8 boxes per lift). The Multi Grip limit is set when creating your pattern in Pally Pallet Builder.

If optimal gripper orientation at pick-up is defined in the URCap, Smart Grip will also rotate the gripper to pick the boxes the smartest way, e.g. to get better reach or to have a faster placement of the box on the pallet.

You don’t need to program anything on the robot to use Smart Grip. That is done by Pally and the pattern file downloaded from Pally Pallet Builder.


Based on your pattern and requirements, Smart Grip can help you achieve the following:

  • Improved safety by having the robot move slower while still meeting your requirements

  • Improved efficiency by always picking the most suitable amount of boxes

  • Improved speed by multi-picking boxes when possible

  • More flexible patterns, compared to other palletizing URCaps you are not limited to single- or multipick (See this video of a Palletizing solution powered by Pally, which switches between single, double and triplepick)