Optimize gripper at pickup - Gripper orientation

In order to get better reach or performance, the program can automatically recalculate and use the gripper rotated by +90, -90, 180 degrees at the pickup position. This may be necessary to reach the pallet corners or avoid collision with the base frame.

The allowed rotations can be configured. You can instruct the optimizer to enforce the default orientation, choose between forward and backward, or choose between forward, backward, left, or right. Pally will calculate the best optimized grip for each box, if enabled.

Visual representation of the different gripper rotations at pickup

forward (default)


Note: the rotations are relative to the default calibrated orientation (forward)


Gripper optimization settings can be selected in Program / Pally / Advanced / Path planning

None: forward (the gripper direction at the calibrated pick position)

2-Way: forward and backward

4-Way: forward, backward, left, right

Gripper optimizer can be configured in run-time via the variable rf_grip_rot, which is an array of 5 elements.

  • The first element is the number of allowed rotations n,

  • The next n elements are the allowed rotations in degrees.


rf_grip_rot = [3, 0, -90, 90, 0]

This will tell the optimizer to choose a gripper rotation between forward, left, and right (backward is not allowed)