Palletizing a partial pallet

This feature only applies to the first pallet that is palletized. The remaining pallets will be palletized according to the selected pattern.

To alter the start conditions on a pallet or the stop conditions, use the partial pallet feature. Once a pattern is selected in the ‘Pattern Selection’-dialog, a new dialog will open by clicking on the ‘Partial Pallet’ button. 

In this dialog it is possible to edit two aspects of the selected pattern: 

  1. Edit the total boxes in the pattern

  2. Edit the start conditions in the pattern

    1. Edit the start layer

    2. Edit the start box on the specified start layer

Edit Total Boxes

In order to palletize an incomplete pallet, type in the desired number of boxes in the input field under the ‘Stop after total boxes’-label. Make sure to input values in the range between 1 and the original amount of boxes in the selected pattern. Any total box number higher than the original amount of boxes will not be valid. 

Note that the new value for the total boxes will only apply to the first pallet that is palletized, the remaining pallets will have the original amount of boxes in the selected pattern.

To reset the total boxes and  the start conditions back to the default values for the selected pattern, press the ‘Reset to default’-button.


Edit Start Conditions

In order to start palletizing from a different start condition than on the first box on the first layer, enter new values into the input fields below the ‘Start on box number’-label and the ‘Start on layer number’-label respectively. 


The default values are 1 for both the new start layer and the new start box. Note that it is not possible to input values that are larger than the layer count for the selected pattern in the start layer input field. Be careful when entering a new start box, as there is no input validation on this field yet. One must therefore make sure that the number inserted into the new start box field is less than or equal to the amount of boxes that are present in the specified start layer. 


If the selected pattern contains shim paper, it is important to note that these shim paper layers do not count as a layer. Therefore, to specify a new start layer for a pattern with shim paper(s), disregard each shim paper and specify the starting layer according to the layers containing boxes. 


The new start box number signifies the box’s number on the selected layer, such that if the chosen start layer is the second layer and one wishes to start on the third box on the second layer, then input the number ‘3’ into the ‘Start on box number’-field.