Pickup calibration

Do this if:

  1. Setting up the robot system for the first time

  2. Moved the conveyor to a new position

The pickup position is at the end of the conveyor belt, where the boxes stop and wait until the robot picks them up.

Place the calibration box at the pickup position and place the gripper in the center of the calibration box. Press Change point and save the position.


  • If using a lifting column calibrate the pickup position when fully retracted (0mm)

  • Make sure that the gripper is perfectly in the center of the box.

  • Make sure the tool connector is facing upward the conveyor when saving the position. See gripper mounting.


After calibrating the pickup position, turn on the vacuum so the box will stick onto the gripper, before going down and calibration the pallets.

Placing the gripper in center of the calibration box can be a delicate task. Eliminate this task by turning on the vaccume after pickup calibration