Pallet Runtime (previously known as Pally Operator Panel or POP)

The Pally Operator Panel is a user-friendly operator panel that presents stats during the palletizing process. As a bonus, you can also use the POP to confirm Left or Right pallet for palletizing.


Pally Operator Panel


Pally Operator Panel functions

  • Confirm Left and Right pallet (no need for physical buttons)

  • Terminate current pallet, proceed to the next pallet

  • Observe useful data about the palletizing process in real time.

  • Pause and Stop the program

What POP will show you

  • Product name / both product names in Dual Product mode

  • Clock and date

  • Elapsed time

  • Estimated time remaining

  • Current position

  • Current layer

  • Average products pr. min.

  • Average robot cycles pr. min.

  • Previous pallet duration

  • Previous average products pr. min

The Pally Operator Panel look

Pally Operator Panel during palletizing.


NOTE the following screenshots are taken from older POP releases and may no longer reflect the latest design.

The screen before activating a pallet

Left Pallet active

Right Pallet confirmed, and will start automatically when left pallet is complete.

Available languages

The Pally operator panel is available in the following languages:

  • Bulgarian

  • Czech

  • Dutch

  • English

  • French

  • German

  • Hungarian

  • Italian

  • Norwegian

  • Polish

  • Portuguese

  • Slovak

  • Spanish

  • Swedish



Hide and show the POP

When the robot program is running, press anywhere outside the POP window to hide the POP screen and get access to the standard Polyscope views like Program, Move, Logs, etc. To show the POP again, press the UR+ icon up in the right corner:

Press the ‘Show Operator Panel’ button on the UR+ toolbar.

If your UR+ menu has several URCaps, navigate to the Pally logo first:



How to Enable the Pally Operator Panel

In the Program editor, click on the Pally program node, navigate to the Operator tab under the Advanced tab, and choose the Operator Interface “Complete (with POP)“.

Press save after you have made changes.


How to get Pally Operator Panel on your robot

Starting from Pally URCap version 2.12 the Pally Operator Panel is fully integrated and available for all users. Just make sure you choose the operator interface option “Complete with POP” in Program - Pally - Advanced - Operator menu.


Please note: when the Active Plan expires, POP appears with reduced functionality.

Without an Active Plan only the following functions are available:

  • Confirm Left and Right pallet

  • Terminate current pallet, proceed to the next pallet

  • Pause and Stop the program

  • Show product name / both product names in Dual Product mode

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