Optimize gripper at pickup - Gripper Orientation

You can select different gripper orientations at pickup to have better reach for the box on the pallet. Pally will calculate the best gripper option for each box.

Optimize gripper at pickup: NONE - 2-WAY - 4-WAY


None: 0-deg grip

2-Way: 0-deg and 180-deg grip

4-Way: 0-deg, 90-deg, 180-deg and -90 or 270-deg grip

27.January 2021: Known BUG - Importing json file with 270 as a value in “g“-variable will give an error. Change the value to -90 for a successful import to Pallet Builder


0-deg grip (Front)

180-deg grip (Back)

-90 or 270 deg. grip (Left)

90 or -270 deg. grip (Right)


Note: 0-deg grip is the calibrated orientation