Pally has native integration for the Vention 7th axis, which are the following model:


  •  Vention MachineMotion controller V1

  •  Vention MachineMotion controller V2



  • Note: When using Vention V2  Make sure the URCap “MachineLogic for Universal Robots” v3.1.5 or newer is installed and configured. Vention provides this URCap.


Zero position

The encoder zero position can be set to any position in the MachineLogic URCap. Make sure to select a zero position that is suitable for the entire calibration. Set the minimum and maximum stroke parameters according to how much the lifting column can go below- and above the zero position, see the rf_min_stroke and rf_max_stroke parameters.


How to install the Vention 7th axis on Pally:

  1. Install the “Vention Robot Cell” or “MachineLogic for Universal Robots” URCap is provided by Vention


“Vention Robot Cell” v2.0.1 or newer

“MachineLogic for Universal Robots” v3.1.5 or newer


2. Choose Vention under Lifting Column > Type


3. Type in the Maximum Stroke from the model you have, Controller Name and Driver Number. This will be the same as you configured in either the Vention Robot Cell or “MachineLogic for Universal Robots” URCap


4. Pally will take care of the controlling of the lifting column. If you would like to control the lifting column in a custom way, please see the zones.json page